Boney M - Rasputin (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Frog Leap Studios

3 месяца назад

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Postboks 27
4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

Kevin Charlton
Kevin Charlton 11 часов назад
Love 'Word up' in the middle.
Caroline Deans
Caroline Deans День назад
That song was made for a metal cover.
xRogueJokerx День назад
that "word up" tie in was so dope 🔥🔥
Игорь Суханов
Игорь Суханов День назад
Ahmed Samy
Ahmed Samy 2 дня назад
From Egypt you are amazing guy
Андрей Николаевич
Андрей Николаевич 2 дня назад
раз, раз, два Путин
Jay Rathod
Jay Rathod 2 дня назад
I found the Rasputin
Teuku Yudha
Teuku Yudha 2 дня назад
Why u don't cover anime Song 😀?
Drackian Dhaos
Drackian Dhaos 4 дня назад
pls speed up to 1.25 this song... 10/10
Adrian Marriner
Adrian Marriner 5 дней назад
Fxxk I drink a bit more than most people and I still get real jobs stick that in your pipe and smoke it 😈
Adrian Marriner
Adrian Marriner 5 дней назад
Cool tune keep people up all night partying ☺️
Adrian Marriner
Adrian Marriner 5 дней назад
I'll fxxk with the cooler side of top secret soon all day everyday . There looking for us to say a lot or something 😂
Adrian Marriner
Adrian Marriner 5 дней назад
I leave sick comments all over the place Okay get over it 😜
silverlightsaber 5 дней назад
Curious why he left out the 3rd verse about Rasputin being poisoned? I guess it’s better to think Rasputin never died haha 🇷🇺
Сергей Пысин
Сергей Пысин 6 дней назад
Так, а балалайка где?! Алё!)
Lane Philan
Lane Philan 6 дней назад
You need to do a Bond song...just my opinion. Excellent cover!
Bruno Van Praet
Bruno Van Praet 7 дней назад
Crazy for words, but this should absolutely be possible.
Frankenterror 7 дней назад
Doody McStoody
Doody McStoody 10 дней назад
Didnt turisas do this one years ago
Yannis Kouretas
Yannis Kouretas 11 дней назад
What's up with the YT algorithm in 2021?!!! This is golden !!!!
jose Kosta
jose Kosta 11 дней назад
nice version, thumbs up!
Иван Ломунов
Иван Ломунов 12 дней назад
Anyone knows, where i can get tabs for this beautiful cover?
dr tony
dr tony 12 дней назад
nonsense. heee
Carrie Kentfield
Carrie Kentfield 12 дней назад
I want those sneakers.
Vernes Hodžić
Vernes Hodžić 12 дней назад
Put this on 1.25 x speed and thank me later. :D
Rendrat van Donkereschrijver
Rendrat van Donkereschrijver 12 дней назад
huh massed in word up
Adam Cieslok
Adam Cieslok 13 дней назад
Dominik sachen
Dominik sachen 13 дней назад
🇧🇬 l l
Feeto Orourke
Feeto Orourke 13 дней назад
Brother, I got to know what shoes those are for... reasons. I definitely don't have my credit card sitting next to my computer.
Paivi Project
Paivi Project 13 дней назад
I grew up listening Boney M and still this day I love their music so much. This sure was quite the different take on this song 👍👍
Camouflage1973 13 дней назад
For the meantime I recommend:
Sean 2002
Sean 2002 14 дней назад
Yegres Vomisina
Yegres Vomisina 15 дней назад
Hello from Russia. Nice job!
Vim Populi
Vim Populi 15 дней назад
Немного не хватает сольничка на балалайке и женского вокала в припевах, а так однозначно лайкос заезжает тебе в бухту! 9 из 10!
Jason Born
Jason Born 16 дней назад
Сука, до классики добрались:)
Rohith Marthanda
Rohith Marthanda 16 дней назад
RUlosk why it took 2months? Why? Better late than never 🤟😅thank you leo and family love respect and support🙏 from India
Vinnie Boombatz
Vinnie Boombatz 16 дней назад
Fucking Brilliant!!!
Lito 16
Lito 16 16 дней назад
Mauro Parodi
Mauro Parodi 17 дней назад
put playback speed at 1.25
Vengeful Rat
Vengeful Rat 17 дней назад
This song was well covered but unfortunately, Turisas did this one just absolutely perfectly. But still jamming to this.
Hlib Oreshchuk
Hlib Oreshchuk 18 дней назад
We need a colaboration with the Radio Tapok.
caue ocana
caue ocana 18 дней назад
some times sounds like "toss a coin to you witcher", anyway great cover
LordPop01 17 дней назад
LordPop01 17 дней назад
Pretty sure he has
Nico Hashiba
Nico Hashiba 19 дней назад
Simply Great! .... ❤️❤️
Júlio César
Júlio César 20 дней назад
Deu uma pegada incrível á uma música que já era Boa ❤❤❤❤
Raden Lusiver
Raden Lusiver 21 день назад
fuck, i like your shoes.
Astrobot 22 дня назад
would join this channel if had the option
Ashmit Kumar
Ashmit Kumar 22 дня назад
OMG! I was the 1Mil Viewer lucky!
Wallof Death
Wallof Death 22 дня назад
How to kill Turisas in one song.
Rogelio Benjamin
Rogelio Benjamin 23 дня назад
Muy buena rola!!!!!!!
Lohaynne Monteiro
Lohaynne Monteiro 23 дня назад
massa em
online nature
online nature 23 дня назад
💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕The fast like a Light
LordMauras 24 дня назад
I’ve never wanted to play just dance 2 and tear my house apart with a smile on face as much as I do listening to this BANGER
Muhammad Muhajir
Muhammad Muhajir 24 дня назад
2:56 😂 korn - word up
Peter Begetis
Peter Begetis 24 дня назад
Next metal song suggestion : thrift shop by macklemore
Herman Combrink
Herman Combrink 25 дней назад
Damn! This song makes my day every day! One of the best covers in my opinion.
Rojer Ha
Rojer Ha 26 дней назад
Запоздал лет на 10 ...
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 28 дней назад
Are we all gonna forget Turisas cover??!
asdf jkl;
asdf jkl; 28 дней назад
A cameo by Cameo.
teddy fiend
teddy fiend 29 дней назад
Adrenaline rush .... ✊✊✊✊✊
Mario Zee
Mario Zee 29 дней назад
That's cool dude👍👍👏👏
The Lab of No Return
The Lab of No Return 29 дней назад
I needed this so bad! Thank you Leo!
Вячеслав Замараев
Вячеслав Замараев 29 дней назад
gregajohnson1985 29 дней назад
i want to hear "Movin Right Along" by Kermit and Fozzy from The Muppets Movie.
Jaume Ferrer Molinero
Jaume Ferrer Molinero Месяц назад
Not bad ... But, sorry, the Turisas' version is better .... By far ...
Machinedead Месяц назад
Could be an Ensiferum song....
GESTIA foREST Месяц назад
Leonardo Mustafé
Leonardo Mustafé Месяц назад
Baking vocal should be a female nome!!
Иван Шухайкин
Иван Шухайкин Месяц назад
Вам бы с "КЛЮ́КВОЙ' Связаться, или с "Тапком"
Gunz lycantrophe
Gunz lycantrophe Месяц назад
Cindai from siti norhaliza.. malaysian artist.. Can u do it bro??
Anastasia Murawski
Anastasia Murawski Месяц назад
I was looking for a singer named "Rasputin". I swear he existed in the early 2000's, but I can't find him anywhere. But I love this song and thought it would be good done this way, and so I'm not disappointed. This was a real treat. But has anyone heard of the other guy I'm talking about?
Adrenaline Hunters
Adrenaline Hunters Месяц назад
@ welcome for tree climbing !!
Aaron Bautista
Aaron Bautista Месяц назад
Am i the only one who thought the intro was "she likes to move" by n.e.r.d?
александр кириченко
александр кириченко Месяц назад
I know you-captine happy-@new yourk rangers-Pavel Buchnevich?
P P Месяц назад
I popped hard when Word Up came out of nowhere
vesna apostolovska
vesna apostolovska Месяц назад
Next metal cover: Niviro The apocalypse
Mark Kaiser
Mark Kaiser Месяц назад
Where’d you get your shoes with the lit soles?
AmigaLink Месяц назад
This Guy is awesome
Michal Synek
Michal Synek Месяц назад
Word up coming?
RichieB76 Месяц назад
A metal cover of a fastastic Boney M song. Sung by a total genius in light up shoes.... Can this get any better??
hassoBS Месяц назад
595 persone non sanno come si usano le orecchie. 595 people don't know how to use their ears.
Engin Alp
Engin Alp Месяц назад
good job!
Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett Месяц назад
Leo you are a genius musician.. I would or maybe would not love to be inside your head when you are putting a tune together...
Marianna Bukta
Marianna Bukta Месяц назад
Xeroquelle Месяц назад
Even better than Turisas' cover
Maxx Eastick
Maxx Eastick Месяц назад
Noice! Hey....ever thought of doing some other stuff by non english singers like, Keen'V, Shy'm, Enrique Iglesias. As an Aussie would love to hear your take on "Black Fella White Fella" by Worrumpi or something classic like "Beautiful People" by Aussie crawl. Thanks if you actually read this Leo.
Ed Mawhinney
Ed Mawhinney Месяц назад
This is fucking awesome!!!
manish Месяц назад
Top class op...metal cover...👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌👌👌
Matt McLean
Matt McLean Месяц назад
Next cover: Lazy town - cooking by the book
Ferry Sugianto
Ferry Sugianto Месяц назад
I love it when you keep the original vibe and beat then add the metal head spice in it
Heartland Newsfeed
Heartland Newsfeed Месяц назад
One less song on our wish list to be covered...
mutman19 Месяц назад
The lyrics seem more right for heavy metal considering whose it about lol
Chris Wolfenden
Chris Wolfenden Месяц назад
Excellent LMBO
Ewelina Ferenc
Ewelina Ferenc Месяц назад
You made my day my friend
Matygoo Месяц назад
Watch again on playback speed 1.25
adarsh ad
adarsh ad Месяц назад
Uffff bro....😍😍😍 love u
Musta Mies69
Musta Mies69 Месяц назад
Next Erika
Raisa Esmeral
Raisa Esmeral Месяц назад
Omggg yess RASPUSTIN!!!!!!
Ian Woodland
Ian Woodland Месяц назад
I love Leo...but *surely* the very best version of this song is by Turisas. Now that, my friends, is a cracking music video :-)
Barry Saucier
Barry Saucier Месяц назад
Been waiting my whole life for a My Chemical Romance cover. Leo could kill "To The End"
Martin Miller
Martin Miller Месяц назад
Forget the crap mix that's being p[layed on the radio at the moment this is 1000% better
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