Dishwasher & Discount! (Album Release)

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Postboks 27
4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

Patrick Charles
Patrick Charles 15 часов назад
The Pot by Tool
Andy Strubberg Jr
Andy Strubberg Jr 22 часа назад
I was wondering do you have any original work. If so we're can I listen to them ?
Viktor Nedzelsky
Viktor Nedzelsky День назад
incorect patreon links :((
Ninjakat День назад
Got almost everything liked on spotify. Hope you get a good kick back from them
Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks День назад
Just a possible suggestion for a metal cover: "istanbul (not constantinople)" as arranged by either "the four lads" or "they might be giants" both versions are pretty nice!
Draculas Shadow
Draculas Shadow День назад
Would love to hear you sing Simple man. Cant find if you did this song yet.
Simone Fanni
Simone Fanni День назад
Anouk - Nobody's Wife
Abhinash Sharma
Abhinash Sharma День назад
"What lover" by marron 5 " Pliz cover
S K День назад
Don't you think it's time to grow up and get a real job and stop being a trust fund child.
Danick Cowboy
Danick Cowboy День назад
Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above
You should do holding out for a hero by bonnie tyler
VampireLogan День назад
Leo, you should do a metal cover of the Yoda Seagulls song: . It seems to be made to be turned into metal! Everyone hit like if you want this to be a thing!
Matt Fazio
Matt Fazio 2 дня назад
Extra love for the Lego collection!!
LoneWolf2k1 2 дня назад
Why does your dishwasher sound like my washing machine? *suspicious look* Do you live on the other side of my washer and this is a weird metal-Narnia thing?
okieh han
okieh han 2 дня назад
do sloop john b
Heather Kikkert
Heather Kikkert 2 дня назад
I just discovered your music yesterday after a friend posted one of your videos on Facebook. My husband and I spent a few hours surfing your videos on RUlosk, and you're astounding!! It's no doubt you've already done at least a few of these, but here are just a "few" songs that would be amazing for you to consider: ‘Til Tuesday - Voices Carry The Buggles - Video Killed the Radio Star Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio Thompson Twins - Lay Your Hands On Me Information Society - Pure Energy Information Society - What’s On Your Mind Moving Pictures - What About Me Cutting Crew - One For the Mockingbird Neverending White Lights - From What I Once Was Neverending White Lights - The Grace Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Blue Suede - Hooked on a Feeling (Uga Chaka Uga) Slade - Run Runaway Sponge - Plowed Harry Nilsson - Without You Pet Shop Boys - It’s a Sin The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You The U-Krew - If You Were Mine Treble Charger - Brand New Low Oran’ Juice Jones - The Rain Timex Social Club - Rumors Oingo Boingo - Dead Man’s Party Michael Penn - No Myth Michael Penn - This & That The Who - Behind Blue Eyes Matthew Good - Alert Status Red Matthew Good - Deep 6ix Matthew Good - The Future is X-Rated Matthew Good - Everything is Automatic Snow Patrol - Run Snow Patrol - Don’t Give In Snow Patrol - Hands Open Switchfoot - Meant To Live Staind - It’s Been Awhile Lou Gramm - Ready or Not Lou Gramm - Midnight Blue Lou Gramm - Heartache Little America - Walk On Fire Nik Kershaw - Wouldn’t It Be Good
Paweł Komenda
Paweł Komenda 2 дня назад
I was wondering, have you thought about making a cover of "Scotty doesn't know" from movie Eurotrip? Great work, love your covers.
PlayingCrazy 2 дня назад
Awesome playing as always!! . My 1st request ever is 'April Wine'- Sign of the Gypsy Queen, you could really rock this Canadain tune, yes yes :)
Jon Mooney
Jon Mooney 2 дня назад
Ah, so Apple buys your rights (hence you cannot do Google/Spotify) but you still need to advertise?
Aidan Gilbert
Aidan Gilbert 3 дня назад
metal cover of astronaut in the ocean? would be pretty badass
Jarrette Black
Jarrette Black 3 дня назад
Loving all the new metal Leo, Ya know, I think The Bridge by Simon & Garfunkel could use a little redo, if you think it's worthy! Excuse me, I need to go purchase some of you music, keep up the amazing vids.
BillyBobBoe 3 дня назад
Hey can you do a cover of makedamnsure by taking back sunday pls
Trevel Naols
Trevel Naols 3 дня назад
Have you done sailor moon? 🌙
David Bernal
David Bernal 3 дня назад
En colombia nos estan m@tando S.O.S ONU CENSURA DE REDES EN EL PAIS AYUDANOS A DIFUNDIR #SOSNosEstanMatando #SOSColombia #SOSColombiaEnDictadura
Dean Rigby
Dean Rigby 3 дня назад
Dude, please cover the safemoon song 😁😁😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
КурьервХабаровске Отправка.доставка
КурьервХабаровске Отправка.доставка 3 дня назад
Adagio сможешь замутить в кавере?
Brandon Cruz
Brandon Cruz 3 дня назад
I've been listening to your music for a long time and I love it not enough words to explain. I'm not sure if you will see this or if it will make it to you. Id like to make a request. Could you please do a cover of. Hoist the colours pirates of the Caribbean song. Please
David Underwood
David Underwood 3 дня назад
Dear Mr. Leo Moracchioli, I have loved your covers since 2016, but... How can you do Doctor Jones by Aqua and not do the other two greatest songs by Aqua (besides Barbie Girl)? I insist as a long-time fan that you re-imagine Aqua's Lollipop (Candyman) and Roses Are Red. Thank you for reading my proposal amongst others, you talented producer, you.
Haziq Iskandar
Haziq Iskandar 3 дня назад
I'm looking for you to cover Faith No More's Ashes to Ashes in a style of your Hurt and Black Hole Sun.
jason gibson
jason gibson 3 дня назад
Leo i love all your stuff you are very talented would you ever do a cover of Alanis Morissette - Uninvited ? it would be awesome if you made it dark and eerie, just asking, love from New York
Cathalina O.
Cathalina O. 3 дня назад
Hello everyone! Please look at #SOSCOLOMBIA on all social platforms we need international pressure because our government is m*rdering us!!! 🇨🇴📣🚨
Sir Frederick
Sir Frederick 3 дня назад
I got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell
The Hutmacher
The Hutmacher 4 дня назад
There needs to be a version of "Sweet Child of mine", impossible you didnt do that already. Besides, your attitude is remarkable. Thanks for your music!
TheOneAndOnlyOddo 4 дня назад
i just would die for a Chloë Black - "SACRIFICE" cover Leo, my kingdom for this cover
Jay Dickson
Jay Dickson 4 дня назад
I would really like to do some remakes with you..I like everything I hear so far. Remakes are so easy I can think of them on the spot of how I would redo them..
Jay Dickson
Jay Dickson 4 дня назад
Oh yeah, I can play the drums as well!!
Idiocracy LARPer
Idiocracy LARPer 4 дня назад
You should do a cover of Christopher Walken's cover of I Wanna Be Like You.
TAC MED 4 дня назад
KIDS SONG TO METAL! YOUR DAUGHTER WILL LOVE IT....if she likes dinosaurs of course lol "Please don't bring your tyrannosaurus Rex to show and tell" by Joe Scruggs
BigStew83 4 дня назад
What about Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult?
Chance Lewis
Chance Lewis 4 дня назад
I really need a metal version of BOP by dababy, I'm sure you can make it so hardcore even the devil would shake ya hand lol
Alessandro 4 дня назад
I mean why put a dislike to this guy... seriously whomever did needs to get laid and stop hating.
Louise. L
Louise. L 4 дня назад
could you do a metal cover of Nikita by Elton John i think you could definitely make it work
Teig James
Teig James 4 дня назад
Hey Leo! If you're looking for another collab with Violet, may i suggest Bonnie Tyler's I Need A Hero. It would be absolutely epic! Love your music man, thank you.
Rosiomak 4 дня назад
Please guys do K/DA cover! :) Just one song will be awesome! Maybe "More"?
Mr Poul
Mr Poul 4 дня назад
From juice wrld roberry
SideStreetReaper 4 дня назад
That´s really awesome! Btw, can you metal-cover the Minecraft theme song?
Nep Kanxo
Nep Kanxo 4 дня назад
Brother onces you listen wild - underside song hope you like it and sing it, 😁for us
Colton Black
Colton Black 4 дня назад
I want to see this man do brother to brother by gregg allman
longshotVWT 4 дня назад
I just discovered your music, and it’s awesome! If you want to try out early 2000s country swag, Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) would probably be fun
Upside down
Upside down 4 дня назад
I just wanna say 🤘🤘🎶🎶🤘🤘🎶🎶🤘🤘🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Izabelle Youngers
Izabelle Youngers 4 дня назад
Please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee do better than revenge by Taylor swift!!!
demise4u 4 дня назад
Morgan Lovell
Morgan Lovell 4 дня назад
I have said to my husband that if we redo our vows, we should pay as much money as we could to live stream with Leo for the soundtrack. Our wedding/post-makeout song was Tool 'The Pot' (or maybe Forty Six and Two??) but we will doubtless be blasting Frog Leap when we get remarried one day :) He is our go-to-guy for shared music experiences! Thank you for your art!!
Flying Camel
Flying Camel 4 дня назад
Highly recommend anyone to grab the ultimate bundle, so much gold in there! Very happy with my purchase, thanks Leo!
Chief 4 дня назад
Leo!! A CHALLENGE for you..... NKOTB - Hangin Tough
Xen Dyl
Xen Dyl 4 дня назад
Ur music is great!! And i would love to hear Sarah Bareilles - brave metal cover😁😁
Lee Hoffman
Lee Hoffman 5 дней назад
Do alasters game
Loki 33
Loki 33 5 дней назад
Just bought your ultimate bundle. Thanks for the discount.
Lisa Loves
Lisa Loves 5 дней назад
Nope Try Again
Nope Try Again 5 дней назад
i got triggered from the beginning chime because i have samsung washer and dryer and it makes the same damn chime. I was triggered
Rachel Gardner
Rachel Gardner 5 дней назад
Can you do Shakespeare sisters - stay
Ken Plums
Ken Plums 5 дней назад
We need Vinyl Leo...
Badpandaman88 Gaming Experience
Badpandaman88 Gaming Experience 5 дней назад
Please please please could you cover the Hazbin Hotel songs!? That would be the best thing ever!
Music is Everywhere
Music is Everywhere 5 дней назад
I enjoy your video. 🤘
Abhinash Sharma
Abhinash Sharma 5 дней назад
Pliz cover __ "What Lover " by maroon 5
Scooby dooby with a doobie
Scooby dooby with a doobie 5 дней назад
I should buy some of your albums for my car
sami ghasemi
sami ghasemi 5 дней назад
William Dahms
William Dahms 5 дней назад
You should do Space lord By Monster Magnet
jurandfantom 5 дней назад
gratz and good luck :) don't forget to take 1 week of break
Mr.Kloodes Offical
Mr.Kloodes Offical 5 дней назад
I'm looking forward to!
cavecenam 5 дней назад
How could I not buy it... said it two songs ago, that it gonna be one of the best albums.
Andries Ferreira
Andries Ferreira 5 дней назад
Baby makes a blue jean talk. Next video please. 80's
Steen Schütt
Steen Schütt 5 дней назад
I was expecting a weird metal cover of the dishwasher jingle
Adrian Marriner
Adrian Marriner 5 дней назад
If I get another real job your on a list if people to hook up with a royalty type cash fund until then your up to your meal in trouble like me Ok .
guitarman 5 дней назад
Awesome 🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤🤙🤙🤙🤙
Emma Jamieson
Emma Jamieson 5 дней назад
Grandpaflump 5 дней назад
is there anyway to buy the videos in a bundle like the ultimate bundle as they really make my day?
Devinhomie 5 дней назад
You should do hellfire from the hunchback Disney movie
Trey Robledo
Trey Robledo 5 дней назад
Yyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaasssssss!!!!! 😈🤩
Dana Dronen
Dana Dronen 5 дней назад
I like this album, see you latar!
Annastazia Goodwin
Annastazia Goodwin 5 дней назад
My ten year old cousin says she wants me to play that guy rock guy. Isn’t she sweet lol
Aqua Squishy
Aqua Squishy 5 дней назад
Is there a chance you'll ever do MAZZY STAR - FADE INTO YOU?
Atoe 358
Atoe 358 5 дней назад
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Wilson 5 дней назад
I love leap frog studios so much that I wanted 'if you're happy and you know it' as my rightone. I couldn't find it anywhere to use as a ring tone. So instead of pirating I bought the album on the website then downloaded it onto my phone and legally set it as my ringtone instead of using RUlosk to MP3 converter that'll take me 2 minutes. That's how much I live Leo.
Salvador Sánchez
Salvador Sánchez 5 дней назад
How about Papa Roach - Kick in the Teeth METAL cover?
Kawaii Music
Kawaii Music 5 дней назад
Simplemente increíble
JeanBomber Sympa
JeanBomber Sympa 5 дней назад
Spotify link please !!!
garry king
garry king 5 дней назад
Man. I love your stuff.
Thomas Rogers
Thomas Rogers 5 дней назад
Good album to buy! 👍 Some great songs on it. ⏺️🎶
starwalkerforever 5 дней назад
Please make some vinyl copies
high-five for-life
high-five for-life 5 дней назад
I love your music so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randzy64 5 дней назад
I literally just had a dishwasher pre roll ad going into this video Lmao
BigStew83 5 дней назад
The opening to this video, could be the opening to a horror movie lol.
Thomas Reuter
Thomas Reuter 5 дней назад
My favorite is crocodile rock🤘🏻🥰
Zack Eudy
Zack Eudy 5 дней назад
Your metal is so heavy you deserve your own place on the periodic table. 😲
ray peeler
ray peeler 5 дней назад
🤘 rock out all summer! 🤘 25 yrs ago I too was a discount dishwasher, earning $3/hr after school
keith solomon
keith solomon 5 дней назад
Awesome! I’ll definitely check it out!
Matt C
Matt C 6 дней назад
Hope everything is going well Leo, considering relatively recent events (I was lucky enough to have someone save me, hope you get the same) Love and chocolate...they're usually the answer ;D
Matt C
Matt C 6 дней назад
Awesome stuff as usual most talented sir! :D Have I missed any Disturbed stuff? Please let me know. I'd also suggest doing some covers/variants of some Professor Elemental (THE Chap Hop artist!) songs. I'd LOVE to see what you could make of those!
Evan Getta
Evan Getta 6 дней назад
Where are you from?
Matt C
Matt C 6 дней назад
Norway originally, I think he still lives there.
Bernd R
Bernd R 6 дней назад
Just want to let you know, that your merchandise link is broken. You have a new line break in it, so the link redirect to your shop site but with a 404 error. Just delete the "break/return/enter" at the end of the link. Keep on rocking, I love your cover style and the song with Violet is amazing!
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