X Gon´ Give It to Ya (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

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Original by DMX
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Postboks 27
4333 Oltedal, Rogaland
Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.
For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music & videos.

Kamden MacRae
Kamden MacRae 6 часов назад
Tom my
Tom my 2 дня назад
Moma Stocks
Moma Stocks 2 дня назад
Rip Dmx 😔
Erik Humleker
Erik Humleker 3 дня назад
This is great!
Brandon Gravley
Brandon Gravley 3 дня назад
Congratulations on DMX's recent sobriety
David Minton
David Minton 4 дня назад
Only thing that would make this video that much better would be if he had a Ruff Ryder jacket. RIP X!!!!!!! Great job Leo amazing like usual..... #thenewruffryderanthem
Priyadarshini K
Priyadarshini K 4 дня назад
V for Vasco
V for Vasco 4 дня назад
with his voice the way it was bet dmx could be a rock lead singer
Scott Clark
Scott Clark 5 дней назад
Leo , I'm not sure if you will EVER see this BUT I would like to challenge you to do Melanie's brand new key with your special twist ! Thanks
slapjack2000 6 дней назад
Punisher shirt.. Fitting
Warchild 6 дней назад
DMX meets Doyle.. this was awesome, dude!
domo mitsune
domo mitsune 6 дней назад
Playing this version make you feel like a bad ass villain. I like it better then the other.
This is me!!!scott hathaway is that you???
This is me!!!scott hathaway is that you??? 6 дней назад
Kev B
Kev B 7 дней назад
Wow 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️
Wesley Thierolf
Wesley Thierolf 7 дней назад
RIP my friend.
wanker wacker
wanker wacker 7 дней назад
man, now that x is gone, whos going to give it to us?
Sean Carter
Sean Carter 7 дней назад
R.I.P. BIG DAWG!!! 😣🤘
spicy1ize 7 дней назад
Michael Rudisill
Michael Rudisill 8 дней назад
You're a legend dude 🤘
SSD 8 дней назад
buckeye7694 8 дней назад
You know he loved this cover. Rip
W. Redburn
W. Redburn 8 дней назад
Jesus... Rap isn't quite my cup of tea but I do like the original. Now we have a metal version to listen to as well.
jsbsiwbKeksjdjksvsisnjsldksjdk jsvslsdksvskbdksjsks
jsbsiwbKeksjdjksvsisnjsldksjdk jsvslsdksvskbdksjsks 9 дней назад
Luke Leavitt
Luke Leavitt 9 дней назад
Virginia Just
Virginia Just 9 дней назад
Perfect tribute, even if it didn't know how close it would come to the passing of this rap legend. awesome either way.!!!! RIP DMX, you were always the man. great tribute to Frog Leap to Heaven!
Under the Sky so Blue
Under the Sky so Blue 9 дней назад
Herbert Landschmid
Herbert Landschmid 10 дней назад
Sounds a LOT like Big Smoke to me.
John Anderson
John Anderson 10 дней назад
When you do a cover who gets the comms? Surely RUlosk is all up in your grill.. unless you shoot the comms off to DMX's producers. As a content creator, how can I buy a license to play this tune to some of my best Call of Duty gameplay and what do I need to be aware of?
Jillian Bloodthirst
Jillian Bloodthirst 11 дней назад
I just play(0:07-2:35). I don't like the rest.
Nathan Schubick
Nathan Schubick 11 дней назад
Another great cover Leo! Timely as a respect for dmx.
OBrien 11 дней назад
First time that the original was heavier than Leo's cover.
bryan ortiz
bryan ortiz 11 дней назад
DMX saw this, thought it was so freaking awesome, and... well... RIP... Heart-attack-worthy!!
Burnt420 12 дней назад
It's been a while since I've heard a really good song remake from Leo. It's good to hear him rockin again.
DrityD 8400
DrityD 8400 13 дней назад
Apple bottom jeans!!! That's the one song I love to hear remixed!!!
Randall Raines
Randall Raines 13 дней назад
Awesomeness to the highest fucking level!!!!!!!
joseph allen-brajkovic
joseph allen-brajkovic 14 дней назад
i think your sound is unmatched globally. i would loe an opportunity to jam with ya. coheed and cambria would be an interesting challenge i think
RPS Corp
RPS Corp 14 дней назад
Id like to hear Korns version...
I THE BEOWULF 15 дней назад
I love the puke sound at 2:45 🤣
What Ever
What Ever 15 дней назад
Four months old, but just now appearing in my feed, and I think the timing on that is just perfect. I forgive you for making me cry. This is such a fun twist on a classic.
Shay 15 дней назад
Knocked it out of the Park! Great Job!
ItsThatMoogle 15 дней назад
This man is overflowing with talent.
Артём Юдачёв
Артём Юдачёв 15 дней назад
R.I.P DMX на будет его не хватать(
Artie The Strongest Man In The World
Artie The Strongest Man In The World 15 дней назад
X now Shock G, please stop killing my childhood!!!
Rex Raptor
Rex Raptor 15 дней назад
Damn hellyeah I love this
B Droid
B Droid 15 дней назад
Leo The Best covers !!! R.i.p DMX!
The Real Eric D Torres
The Real Eric D Torres 15 дней назад
What up my Froggy
angel kiss
angel kiss 16 дней назад
Would have been cooler if dmx was still alive and did a feature on this cover that should have been a remix
Fred Flintstone
Fred Flintstone 16 дней назад
Limbaugh, I stole your ponzi watch while you were in the shower. I always wanted a NASA watch..
cody Miller
cody Miller 16 дней назад
Get back up again....from the trolls movie
R. W.
R. W. 16 дней назад
RIP DMX your music is still alive!
Martin Madsen
Martin Madsen 16 дней назад
Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas
Zia Marie
Zia Marie 16 дней назад
Holy sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit....this is friggin amaaaaazin
Mike Bramlett
Mike Bramlett 16 дней назад
Pour one out for the dawg y'all.
Lito 16
Lito 16 17 дней назад
Matt Barrett
Matt Barrett 17 дней назад
Love it. Buying it.
Steven Lochrie
Steven Lochrie 17 дней назад
R.ip dmx I love metal and always will but there something about dmx I love he just a rapper hes a legend
Ntra Null
Ntra Null 17 дней назад
I love watching this man perform.
Keaton Robey
Keaton Robey 17 дней назад
Nice shirt 🤘
Jared Looper
Jared Looper 17 дней назад
KrawladdiK RiK
KrawladdiK RiK 17 дней назад
JR 17 дней назад
korinholio 18 дней назад
Fucking Amazing!!! Dig the punisher T
Children Of Morning
Children Of Morning 18 дней назад
Rest easy DMX ❤️
EMPTY SLOTS 18 дней назад
Richard Lamond
Richard Lamond 19 дней назад
First time watching any of your videos, but this is badass! I'm checking out more of your content for sure!
Troey Couch
Troey Couch 19 дней назад
AT THE CORE 19 дней назад
R.I.P DMX!!! Gone, but never forgotten!
Vinnie Borzillo
Vinnie Borzillo 19 дней назад
People thumbs downing this can kick rocks
Bianca Becker Johnson
Bianca Becker Johnson 19 дней назад
Man, talk about taking a song that everybody knows and loves and turning into something that is freaking awesome in a completely different way. Actually sounds like it was yours to begin with. You are so incredibly talented, there aren't many, if any, that could have pulled that off but you did it so effortlessly.
Da Sausyman
Da Sausyman 19 дней назад
1.25x this is doooope
Zac Ward
Zac Ward 19 дней назад
How is this not on #deadpool maybe #deadpool3?
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 17 дней назад
It's only four months old.
William Jones
William Jones 19 дней назад
I always thought X was gonna go out in a hail of Bullets, because he got some Gangsta's daughter preggers.
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 19 дней назад
I’ve been waiting so long for someone to make a metal cover of this song
Wraith 666
Wraith 666 20 дней назад
Curious Explorers
Curious Explorers 20 дней назад
The music sounds like a different song I heard before I know dmx but I could swear I heard that guitar riff and other stuff before lol
SelbyFit Media
SelbyFit Media 20 дней назад
Safe to say X left his mark , great cover!
KORZAN 13 20 дней назад
Madara2B 20 дней назад
DMX showed us how pop music takes the modern times and encapsulates it. I cringe at his homophobic lyrics, but as a kid I didn't get it. the sounds good but the meaning is shit. it is what it is, still sad he is gone wish it turned out better RIP.
Nihilus5.0 20 дней назад
RIP X He prob would have liked this version
Blue Stallion
Blue Stallion 20 дней назад
makes ya wanna throat punch God
Carllos Vasquez
Carllos Vasquez 20 дней назад
R.I.P DMX X Gon Give It Toya
Anthony Sforza
Anthony Sforza 20 дней назад
Man... When this song came out, I never considered that it'd be the one song everyone would know him for. Especially as late in his career, as it was.
WOLFY 16 дней назад
@rekrn12345 lies!! X was the soundtrack for my middle school and high school years.
rekrn12345 16 дней назад
He only had a few hits before he faded off. He was more or less a one hit wonder.
Greenman The Gardener
Greenman The Gardener 20 дней назад
I love how you go word for word lol
regit Meisner
regit Meisner 20 дней назад
RiP DMX!!!
Dt0x75 20 дней назад
DaRthHueS 21 день назад
Um ... Leo man, been following you for years now ... this is horrible man, horrible.
DaRthHueS 17 дней назад
@Christian Schoff Not about the time frame. I've been Subscribed to Frog Leap since before Leo moved but only just saw this. For the most part, Leo rocks - his version of Africa is the best I've ever heard - but this ... Let me listen again ... So, I'm a musician so sorry if I lose you here but overall the entire recording is dry - there's no life to it. He used WAY to much palm muting on the guitars the entire time. His voice does not fit this track. The end jams - for 10 seconds 🖖🏻
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 17 дней назад
It's four months old. How is it horrible?
Pineapple TwoFace
Pineapple TwoFace 21 день назад
Who's tending the orchids now?
Communist Cat
Communist Cat 21 день назад
Now this is how it's done!
Justin Hill
Justin Hill 21 день назад
I wish the guitar was more pronounced. But then came the middle of the song and wow. Awesome
Adam 21 день назад
We lost a good one 😥
BARDOCK220 21 день назад
Well, I like this PUNISHER better than the others: D Thanks Bro !!! : D
Nora Sheffield
Nora Sheffield 21 день назад
DMX is with God now...I’m sure they’re both enjoying this jam!
Austin Koller
Austin Koller 21 день назад
An honestly amazing coincidence. RIP DMX. Fuckinnnnn dawggggg
Samyueru Lagann
Samyueru Lagann 21 день назад
Rip DMX....
Andrew Spencer-Foster
Andrew Spencer-Foster 22 дня назад
God bless Earl Simmons. Da most extreme
rbmanracer 22 дня назад
Michael Olofsson
Michael Olofsson 22 дня назад
God damn this is just so damn good!!!
Frost Wazowski
Frost Wazowski 22 дня назад
Time to do another one, this time as a tribute. I vote for Party Up.
Christian Schoff
Christian Schoff 17 дней назад
The Sentinel
The Sentinel 22 дня назад
where my dogs at ? ARRRRRRRRRUFF RIP X
Márk Miló
Márk Miló 23 дня назад
RIP DMX😥. Helló from Hungary🇭🇺
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